Established in 1962, TNSAC is Townsville’s premier track and field club. Our association is coordinated by a number of generous volunteers, mainly parents who donate their time to ensure the club continues to benefit the wider Townsville community.

TNSAC provides an affordable, community-based active outlet and caters to individuals of all capabilities and ages from five years onwards. Our club is affiliated with Athletics North Queensland, which affords our members the eligibility to nominate for any Athletics Australia (AA) sanctioned events nation-wide.

2022/23 SEASON 


 The Townsville North Star Athletics Club Committee would like to again welcome all of our returning families along with all our new members and those wanting to "Come and Try" Athletics.

We expect a busy week and we ask that you arrive early, especially if you have any questions or are coming along for a Come and Try and need to sign in.
We will be ready from 5pm to assist you.

During our club competition nights points will be awarded. These contribute to end of season trophies and awards.
All events receive points as per the following
1st 6 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 2 points
1 point each for any remaining competing athletes.

A reminder that correct Club Uniform must be worn to enable points to be allocated to an athlete.
This week we request the assistance from parents of athletes in the 11 & 16 years age groups to volunteer in the canteen.

We are always in need of volunteers to assist with setup from 4pm each Friday afternoon.
Easy jobs such as setting up field equipment and hurdles setup where you will be working with people to help assist if unsure on things.
This is an essential task to have everything setup for a prompt start to each meet. Don’t forget more hands make light work and less stress for everyone.
PLEASE contact us via Facebook or Email if you are available to help. You do not need to commit every week but as a club purely run by a team of volunteers your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!



Before registering your athlete you must first register yourself (parent) as a volunteer.

After registering as a volunteer an email will be sent with a link to register all athletes.

If you have not registered as a volunteer previously you will need to register yourself as a new member.


1. Open registration link- Join Now - Townsville North Star Athletics Club - revolutioniseSPORT

2. Scroll to New Member or existing member- **this is your name as the parent volunteer** choose the suitable one if you have not registered yourself under your name being the parent you will be a new member even if your child has been previously registered with the club.

3.Fill out form- choose Volunteer (unless registering as a Master).

4. When parent volunteer form is complete you will then receive an email- this is where you click the link suitable (you need to scroll down to find these options):

- 2022  5-9 years (DOB 2013-2017)

- 2022  5-9 years (DOB 2013-2017) 3rd+ family member discount

- 2022  10-17 years (DOB 2005-2012)

- 2022  10-17 years (DOB 2005-2012) 3rd+ family member discount

- 2022   FairPlay Vouchers  5-9 years (DOB 2013-2017) 

- 2022   FairPlay Vouchers  5-9 years (DOB 2013-2017) 3rd+ family member discount

- 2022   FairPlay Vouchers  10-17 years (DOB 2005-2012)

- 2022   FairPlay Vouchers  10-17 years (DOB 2005-2012) 3rd+ family member discount

(all FairPlay Vouchers emailed to info@townsvillenorthstar.org.au)


The Registration Fees for the 2022 season are as follows

- 5yrs to 9yrs      (DOB 2013-2017)  - $250 reduced to $200

- 10yrs and above    (DOB 2012 +)  - $275 reduced $225

Membership Includes:


  • All memberships include personal insurance 

  • Free access to all Townsville North Star Club meets in the 2022 season 

  • Registration with Athletics North Queensland as a Townsville North Star member.

  • ANQ registration package.

  • Access to participate at ANQ sanctioned Carnivals and Championships during 2022. (excludes Carnival & Championship nomination costs)

  • Eligible to participate at State & National Championships until 31st March 2023. (Qualifying standards must be met in order to nominate)



For FairPlay Voucher information please visit the below link:




Parents, carers, or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child, which can be used towards their TNSAC Membership Fees for 2022. 

There is a limit of 1 voucher per child per calendar year.


Key Dates

  • Round 7 open soon

  • 28th of September 2022: Round 7 applications close (or earlier if fully allocated).

  • 26th of October 2022: Vouchers expire and must have been presented to an activity provider.

Please Register Fairplay Voucher Athletes online by choosing the registration type -

Fairplay Voucher 5 - 9yrs (DOB 2013-2017)

Fairplay Voucher 10 - 17yrs (DOB 2005-2012)

Please submit Fairplay vouchers via email to info@townsvillenorthstar.org.au and pay the balance of fees online or to the staff at the Registration desk.

This will ensure the memberships for athletes are made active in the system once balance of payment is recieved.

Family Discounts

Where 3 or more “immediate family” members take out full membership a $50 discount will apply to the 3rd and subsequent memberships.

                  ** Important Note for registering for the 2022 season**

If you are a returning member and you have not already registered through RevSport and been given a National Member ID you will need to select REGISTER to register as a new member.  Registration is open now.  

For those returning members already registered with RevSport you will need to select RENEW to renew your membership. If you do not remember your National Member ID please email info@townsvillenorthstar.org.au.

New members joining for the very first time must provide a copy of their birth certificate for the club to sight. This is a once-off for athletes who have never been a member of Townsville North Star Athletics Club. If registering online please email birth certificates to info@townsvillenorthstar.org.au or bring with you for us to sight. 



We look forward to seeing you at the track.

All ages from 5 years (DOB 2017) through to Masters can join in and compete every Friday night, school terms 2 & 3. 6pm first events.

You’ll find our 2022 information pack and club handbook links above that should hopefully answer any questions you may have.


Click link to see latest results!

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