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Congratulations to all the club members who have set new records for track & field events 2019

Week 12 Record Announcement – 30/08/2019

1. Montanna Porter broke a 18yr old record for 10yr girls Javelin with a distance of 17.96m (The previous record was held by Merissa Colledge in 2001- distance 17.25m)

2. Zoe Chester broke the 13yr girls Triple jump record for a 2nd time this year – new record - distance 10.96m

3. Dylan Anderson broke the 7yr boys 60m hurdles record by 0.18s – new record 12.53s.

4. Connor Jackson broke the 11yr boys 60m hurdles record by 0.04s – new record 11.09s

5. Leigh Gray broke the 55-59yr men’s Javelin record with a distance of 30.73m

Week 13 Record Announcement 08/09/2019

1. Paris Leahy broke an 18yr old record for the 14 yr girls 100m by 0.03sec with a time of 12.87sec.

Please collect your award from the registration desk.

Congratulations to all the record breakers.

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