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2019 Sign On Day

Please join us for our highly anticipated 2019 Sign On day!

Established in 1962, the Townsville North Star Athletics Club (TNS) is Townsville’s premier track and field club. The association is coordinated by a number of generous volunteers who donate their time to ensure the club continues to benefit the wider Townsville community.

Club competitions are held on Fridays nights from 5.45pm at the Townsville Sports Reserve.

TNS provides an affordable, community based active outlet and caters for individuals of all capabilities and ages from five years onwards. TNS accepts 'Get Started Vouchers' and the club is affiliated with Athletics North Queensland, which affords members the eligibility to compete at any Athletics Australia sanctioned events nation wide.

TNS has a number of accredited coaches associated with the club who specialise in mentoring a variety of age groups and track and field events. Over the years TNS has produced a large quantity of noteworthy athletes that have competed and medalled at state, national and international competitions.

Whether you’re looking to make new friends, enjoy an active lifestyle or compete at the next Olympic Games, Townsville North Star Athletics Club will have an event to suit you or your child.

New members and enquiries are always welcome ☺

EFTPOS, credit card and cash facilities available.

If you cannot make it to this Sunday’s sign on, our other Sign On Day will be held on the previous day, Saturday day the 9th of March 10am - 12pm (please see our FB events).

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