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Friday 10th August - Program

Welcome to a new week!

Here is the link to this weeks program!

Invitational 4yrs 60m Race

We have a 4 years 60m Invitation race on for anyone wanting to come along to have a run this week. If you have a child that is 4 years old and would like to run - please be at the start line by 6:15pm to be ready and also observe how races are run.

Setup Assistance

A big request for equipment setup assistance is still URGENTLY REQUIRED from 4:15pm onwards.

Anyone available to help please email the club or Facebook to let us know your details so we know who and how many can assist. This is a must for people to respond as we are back to getting no-one again.

Canteen Assistance

Canteen assistance needed from the 8 and 13 years age group this week. At least 2 people required.

Have a great week!


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