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Friday 17th August - Program

Welcome to a new week!

Here is the link to this weeks program!

Setup Assistance

A BIG request for equipment setup assistance is required from 4:30pm onwards.

Anyone available to help please email the club or Facebook to let us know your details so we know who and how many can assist. This is a must for people to respond as we are back to getting no-one again.

800m Team Challenge

This week we will be holding a 800m Team challenge, with teams of 2 (parent + athlete) competing for pride & glory.

Club points will still be scored for the TNSAC athlete.

Teams will run in the same 800 event with the final team time being the average of both members times.

Prizes will be awarded for place getters.

....Warning Parents.. You may be sore in the morning.

This event is not compulsory. If you cannot team up with a parent, we can team you with a senior athlete instead.


14 years and above Steeplechase race on at 5:40pm with the water jump included for the kids to cheer from. Like hurdles, marshalling will be 15 mins prior to event start at 5:25pm.

Canteen Assistance

Canteen assistance needed from the 9 and 14 years age group this week. At least 2 people required.


Remember our Working Bee is on the 25th August 2018. We have had no one volunteer as of yet!

Here is some things we need in particular to carry out work:

  • Box Trailer / Ute - for all the lawn clippings and leaves that we are removing. (This is the most critical)

  • Rakes

  • At least 2 mowers and wippa snippers 

  • Dingo Machine - for 10m trench for electrical to supply power to storage sheds

Please let us know on Facebook or via email if you can help.

Have a great week!


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