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Working Bee - 25th August

Many hands make light work - John Heywood


We need your help for our new clubhouse Working Bee.

Here is some things we need in particular to carry out work:

  • Box Trailer / Ute - for all the lawn clippings and leaves that we are removing. (This is the most critical)

  • Rakes

  • At least 2 mowers and wippa snippers 

  • Dingo Machine - for 10m trench for electrical to supply power to storage sheds

If you would like to volunteer and have any of these items lists, that would be amazing. Please email us or message us on Facebook.

For all our valued volunteers drinks and gratitude will be provided. 

Remembering this is a volunteer run club - volunteers are the lifeblood of our club.

How you can volunteer?

Email or Facebook message us if you can help before the 21st August. Also let us know of any items in the list above you can assist with. 

Thanks everyone!

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